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About us

Crypto expertise and a passion for diamonds

The REAL EVEN NFT is not just another project.
It adds true utility and advanced innovation to diamond trading by harnessing blockchain technology.
The project is based on tight collaboration between REAL EVEN, diamond merchants and Coinception, an NFT marketing agency, including a multidisciplinary operations and technical team entirely dedicated to this project.

A diamond is forever and the blockchain is unforgeable, when you bring the two together you get an unbeatable investment

Our CEO’s interest in diamonds dates back to 2012, when he bought a diamond for the first time to set in an engagement ring for his fiancée. Once he noticed the wide gap between the prices on the diamond exchange and the prices offered by jewelry stores, Gary Samuel Laloum started trading diamonds on the exchange. In this manner he has built partnerships with a number of diamond merchants and sales offices and is flanked by two purchasing agents for have been involved with the diamond exchange for over 40 years.

The REAL EVEN team came together including a number of investors who grew up in diamond merchant and luxury goods-producing families, two diamond merchants and exchange traders, and of course our founder, whose passion is the diamond business.

Real Even has partnered on this journey with NFT Coinception Agency, whose full-time project team includes the Project Creation and Design Director, a Web 3.0 Developer, a Smart Contract Developer and a Community Manager, supervised by the agency’s CEO.

Laloum Gary Samuel
Laloum Gary Samuel, CEO, Real Even