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Our Genesis Collection is made up
of 3,500 NFTs

2,000 NFTs

representing 0.25 carat
round brilliant cut diamonds

1,000 NFTs

representing 0.50 carat
round brilliant cut diamonds

500 NFTs

representing 1 carat
round brilliant cut diamonds

Each NFT is a specific model of a virtual diamond that retrieves a physical diamond with the attributes (the four Cs) included in the NFT.

The higher the value of the diamond, the rarer the NFT is in our collection.

A part of the catalog is made up of diamonds with a real value higher than their sales price in USDT!

NFT, Blockchain, USDT : are these terms new to you ?
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REAL EVEN’s catalog includes only the finest classifications:

Color: D, E, F, G, H and I

Clarity: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 and SI1

Cut: EX (Excellent), VG (Very Good) and G (Good)


NFT: The Diamond's ID Card

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique encrypted digital file, completely secured and unalterable, including property rights, and establishes a binding link between a digital and/or physical object and its owner through storage (known as blockchain) technology, which validates and performs digital transactions.

Every Real Even NFT includes, in writing, the 4Cs of the physical diamond the holder has the right to recover, corresponding to its real value.

Each of our NFTs is represented by a numbered membership card with access to exclusive cardholder benefits. More details HERE.

Real Even also has a strong vision regarding the future evolution of the diamond market within the Web 3.0. Our ambition is to build the Metaverse’s diamond exchange, accessible exclusively to the holders of our NFTs.
More details HERE.

Want to find out how to receive your real diamond? Click HERE

The 4Cs define a diamond's rarity and value

The value of a diamond is mainly determined by its 4C Classification:


corresponds to a diamond’s weight.
One carat = 0.20 grams.


refers to the « absence of color ».
The less “yellow” there is in a diamond, the better.
Color is measured in alphabetical order from D (for exceptionally white diamonds) to Z.


refers to the absence of imperfections (incrustations) inside the diamond. The scale goes from IS (totally pure) to I3 (imperfect).


corresponds to the quality of the size of the diamond and its symmetry. The scale of our diamonds goes from Excellent to Good.

Other elements further increase a diamond’s value, such as brilliance, polish, or supply and demand within the diamond market.