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An NFT (Non-fungible token) is a unique non-exchangeable cryptographic token stored and identified on the blockchain. Every NFT serves as a certificate of authenticity.

An NFT is therefore an encrypted, secured and unalterable property deed attached to a physical and/or digital object. It attests to the rarity and authenticity of an asset (physical or digital).

1. Practical: you can buy and sell your diamond in 2 clicks like all NFTs, and you have the option to pay using cryptocurrency or credit card.
2. Easy: avoid all the frictions of a physical transaction.
3. Secure: you don’t have the constraints or worries caused by physically possessing a diamond (storing it in a safe place, in a locked safe…) you keep it in your wallet.
4. Liquidity: it is quicker and easier to resell your diamond when it’s already tokenized.
5. Profitable: an investor and/or customer who wants to resell a diamond usually goes to a reseller (jeweler, merchant…) who will negotiate a price with his own profit margin in mind. REAL EVEN allows you to resell your diamonds without middlemen, at the best price. Even better, by using NFTs, you have access to a worldwide audience of potential buyers: crypto investors, collectors, private individuals and professionals. This way, you can resell your diamond faster at its fair value, or even higher, depending on how rare it is.
6. Alternative Investment: our solution offers protection from the volatility of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets since the value of your diamond is not affected by these markets. Indeed, a diamond’s value is stable, non-volatile, and goes up over the long term. Even in a doomsday scenario in which the crypto market completely collapsed, you would still have the value of the physical diamond, providing an intrinsic value to REAL EVEN NFTs.

Sign up for our whitelist to be a part of the private sale which will be held until January, 2023 or participate in the public sale which will be held after our official launch.
You will need a digital wallet* such as Metamask which you have preloaded with USDT** or USDC. You also have the possibility to use a FIAT solution with your credit card.
Our NFTs are sold for cryptocurrency, USDT (or Tether), the most popular stablecoin tethered to the US dollar. This stability further reduces the volatility of the digital currency market, making it an attractive cryptocurrency for users and investors looking to avoid the ups and downs of the market without taking the step of reconverting their funds to fiat currency.
The exact dates of our presale and public sale will be sent out on our social networks, Twitter and Discord. Follow us!

*A digital wallet is a file, which contains crypto currency and can be used for transactions and to pay for gas fees. “Gas” refers to the amount of computational power it takes to process a transaction on the network. Every interaction requires a certain amount of gas based on the number and type of calculations involved and required stocking.

** USDT (or Tether) is equal to one US Dollar.

First private sales and public sales: January 25 and 26, 2023
Second public sale: March 9, 2023
Third public sale: April 20, 2023
Fourth public sale: June 1, 2023

A digital wallet stores your private keys, which secure and provide access to your cryptocurrency and NFTs. It also allows you to purchase, send and receive your crypto assets.
Digital wallets are quick and easy to install. We recommend you use MetaMask.
Step 1. Add MetaMask to your web browser:
– Before you can create a new digital wallet using MetaMask, you first have to install the extension on your web browser. You can install MetaMask on Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Opera.
– Open or do a web search for « MetaMask extension » using the search engine of your choice.
– In this demonstration, we will use Google Chrome as an example, but the workflow is the same across all web browsers.
– Click the Chrome icon to install MetaMask as a Google Chrome extension.
– Click Add to Chrome.
– Click Add Extension.
Step 2. Create an Account:
– Click the MetaMask icon on the upper right hand corner of the window to open the extension.
– To install the latest version of MetaMask, click Try now.
– Click Continue.
– You will be asked to create a new password. Make up a strong password and click Create.
– Click Next, then accept the Terms and Conditions.
– Click Show secret recovery phrase.
– You will see a 12 word sentence. Save these words in a file or copy them and store in a safe place, then click Next (do not share this information with anyone).
– Check your secret recovery phrase by entering the previously generated phrase. Once you have finished, click Next.
Congratulations! You have successfully created your MetaMask account.

That depends on the size of the diamond you want!
Our catalog is made up of 3 different diamond sizes:
• 2,000 NFTs representing 0.25 carat round brilliant cut diamonds, available at a unit price of 700 USDT.
• 1,000 NFTs representing 0.50 carat round brilliant cut diamonds, available at a unit price of 4000 USDT.
• 500 NFTs representing 1 carat round brilliant cut diamonds, available at a unit price of 13 000 USDT.

*Discounts will be available for each category during our private sale (accessible by Whitelist only, sign up as spots are limited!)

You fill out the form HERE, and take care of the applicable fees according to your country of residence. Your NFT will be burned.

Yes, your diamond will be sent with a certificate of authenticity issued by the most recognized around the world such as GIA, HRD or IGI, for all diamonds 0.55 carat or above.

Our diamonds come from the diamond exchange, ensuring suppliers comply with the Kimberly process. For more information:

If your goal is to resell for profit, you will do better selling your NFT on a dedicated marketplace such as Opensea. This is the simplest, most practical, and quickest way. You avoid all the friction of a physical transaction and the security constraints and you will certainly get a better price than you could have negotiated otherwise!
On the other hand, if you would like the physical diamond to give as a gift to someone, to mount on a piece of jewelry, for example, go ahead! Simply follow our process HERE.
Note: if you no longer hold any of the NFTs in our catalog, you lose out on the benefits reserved for the members of our community.

• First access to future collections
• Members-only discounts
• Being part of a community passionate about luxury and the blockchain
• The chance to become a part of the first diamond exchange in the Metaverse

The value of a diamond is mainly determined by its 4C Classification:

  • Carat corresponds to a diamond’s weight. One carat = 0.20 grams.
  • Color refers to the « absence of color ». The less “yellow” there is in a diamond, the better. Color is measured in alphabetical order from D (for exceptionally white diamonds) to Z.
  • Clarity refers to the absence of imperfections (incrustations) inside the diamond. The scale goes from IS (totally pure) to I3 (imperfect).
  • Cut corresponds to the quality of the size of the diamond and its symmetry. The scale of our diamonds goes from Excellent to Good.

Other elements further increase a diamond’s value, such as brilliance, polish, or supply and demand within the diamond market, which varies over time.

We apply a rigorous selection process to every diamond offered to us.
Our catalog is therefore made up mainly of the highest possible technical classifications:
• Color: D, E, F, G, H and I
• Clarity: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 and SI1
• Cut: Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG) and Good (G)

Generally speaking, purchasing several diamonds allows for more liquidity than putting everything on a single large diamond.
On the other hand, carats are more highly valued in a single stone. For example, a single 2-carat diamond will be more expensive than two 1-carat diamonds.

To purchase a diamond, you have to mint an NFT REAL EVEN.
Choose the diamond that fits your budget: 0.25, 0.50 or 1 carat.
The other three characteristics of your diamond (color, clarity, cut) will appear on your NFT once it’s been minted, corresponding to the following, which will be assigned at random:

Color: D, E, F, G, H and I
Clarity: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2 and SI1
Cut: EX, VG and G

The best grades will be rarer in the collection. The rarest diamonds will have an actual value higher than their mint price. The lucky ones will find out when they get their NFT.