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The Rapaport List, reference guide for the prices of diamonds

The Rapaport List is a widely-used reference guide for the prices of diamonds. It was created by Martin Rapaport, a leading authority on the diamond industry, and is published by the Rapaport Group, a company that provides diamond trading and information services.
The list is updated weekly and lists the prices of diamonds based on their carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. The prices listed on the list are the starting prices that diamond buyers and sellers can use as a reference when negotiating transactions.
It is widely used in the diamond industry, as it provides a consistent and transparent pricing system. It is considered to be a benchmark for diamond prices and is used by diamond wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers around the world.
The Rapaport List is not the only price guide for diamonds, but it is one of the most widely-used and respected. Other price guides for diamonds include the IDEX Diamond Price List and the Diamond Registry.
However, it has faced criticism from some quarters for being overly influential and for not accurately reflecting the true value of diamonds. Critics argue that the list does not take into account factors such as the demand for certain diamond colors or the impact of market trends on diamond prices.

Despite these criticisms, the Rapaport List remains an important reference guide for the diamond industry and continues to be widely used by buyers and sellers of diamonds.