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How does it work?

You have the option to store your diamond virtually
in the form of an NFT.

In this case Real Even will securely store the physical diamond in a safe for one year.

You can also resell your NFT on a non-fungible token marketplace such as Opensea and thus earn added value on the sale.

Would you rather take possession of your physical diamond?

The procedure is simple and totally secure.

Step 1

Fill out the form below

Step 2

REAL EVEN will process your request and will send you an email including the amount of the fees to be paid (shipping fees and any applicable taxes depending on the country being shipped to) as well as the wallet address to burn your NFT. The NFT will then be destroyed and will be immediately taken out of the collection as a security measure.

Step 3

After burning the NFT in our wallet and the corresponding fees, your physical diamond will be sent to the address you requested. A tracking number will be provided so you can follow the shipping process in complete transparency.

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